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This blog is being made by Room 16 at UHPS. This blog has been established so that all the children from Upper Harbour Primary School can share their learning with the wider school community and other schools in the world. Please comment and let us know what you think about all of our fabulous learning. We love lots of great feedback. We hope you enjoy exploring our blog.

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Writing in Room 16

Room 16 children wrote some excellent recounts in Term 2. We learned that we could make our writing more interesting by adding language features like similes and metaphors. We also looked at adding feelings and interesting adjectives and adverbs to create a picture in the readers head. We hope you enjoy these recounts. 

The huge shell: By Tracy Sun
On the fun holidays me, mum, dad and my sister went to a very strange beach. It was surrounded by tweeting birds and spiky grass.
When my warm hand touched the freezing water I felt cold crawling through my body. Just then my dad called, "Come On!" I looked up. There was a beautiful penguin. It's eyes shone and it was a very brave penguin because I patted it. It felt wet and cold like a ice cube. Suddenly I heard a splashing noise- it was a school of fish.
Then I went to explore an old tree. Under the tree there was a bundle of seaweed, and under the seaweed was an enormous mussel shell. I was scared at first but then I realised it was just a shell.

TERM 3 Weekend recounts:
Each week Room 16 write a recount on Monday morning telling us about something that happened in their weekend. Here are some of our Weekend recounts...


"How long".. I groaned on the way to Rotorua. I sniffled, I could tell we were there. I smelt the first whiff of Rotorua. "Dad, why does this place smell so bad?" I asked. "Welcome to Rottenrua!" he joked back.
Suddenly the car came to a dead stop. We were at the Motel! It had flashing lights. It hurt my eyes...lucky for my brother he was fast asleep. My family went inside. We got into bed and went straight to sleep.
"Opps" my mum said when she woke up in the morning, "We forgot Aidan in the car for the whole night!"

By Kyla L

The Stormy Night. 

On a cold windy, stormy Friday night it was my brother's basket ball game. He won! 
When we were driving home it started pouring down with rain. That's when it turned into a STORM! It sounded like buzzing bees....BOOM! Ahhh! It was terrifying because it was like a electric shock. 
My mum said, "Let's go to Burger King!" I said, "Yeah!" I had a delicious McChicken Burger and Chips with a fizzy mixed drink. 
When we got home I tried to turn on the lights, and b..b.. b.. the lights did not come on....Our power had gone out!!
Mum fixed the fuse and we settled down to watch, "The Animal". 

By Romy Olivier
This term our Literacy focus is reading and analysing explanations. We will be reading and writing explanations about how and why things happen. Our learning about animals in our inquiry will be an authentic context for our written explanations, e.g. “Why do bees fly in figure eight formations?”


Room 16 UHPS said...

Good job Tracy and Kyla. I like your recounts. You used great words to make them interesting. By Romy

Room 16 UHPS said...

Wow Kyla your dad sure is a joker! from Ryan:)

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