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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tipa Pet Day!

The Tipa team had a very exciting day today! Family pets of all types and sizes came to UHPS for a school visit. The Pet day fitted into our Term's inquiry context- "Interdependence: Animals and Us", and also was a fun way to celebrate GPK day! We had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, frogs and even a turtle at our Pet day. Thanks everyone for coming along and making pet day such fun!

After our pets went home all of the Tipa children carried on their GPK animal fun with a pet mask parade! Room 16 and the Tipa children did themselves proud making some very cute, cuddly, scary, true to life and funny looking pet masks! Well done everyone:)


Room 16 UHPS said...

I liked your creative masks! By Sidney

Room 16 UHPS said...

You really did a great job on your masks. By Seo Joen

boom box said...

like wanda and geoge liking it all sis

boom box said...

kool as sis love lets say everthing

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