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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What respect looks like in Room 16

We have been talking about looking after others today. We came up with this list of things that we think show that we respect others. Please let us know if you see us doing any of these things!!
In Room 16 Respect looks like:

• Letting people go through the doorway first
• Holding the door for some one else
• Helping people who fall over
• Letting others play with you
• Say please and thank you- use your manners
• Listen to the person who speaking without interrupting
• Smile ☺
• Say good morning to the teacher
• Put your hand up when you want to speak
• If someone offers you something, (e.g. sweet) take just one.
• Share with others
• Do as you are told straight away
• Be a good sport if it doesn’t go your way
• Say sorry if you did something wrong
• Ask people if you need to borrow something
• Be honest if you did something wrong
• Keep your things tidy and out of others space


Jeannette Craig said...

Room 16, thank you for your ideas. It's the little things, like smiling and using manners, that can go a long way in demonstrating respect. Showing respect is all about thinking about others not only yourself. You can do it Room 16!

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