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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clever Character Descriptions

Over the part few weeks we have been exploring ways to describe characters. We read some fantastic character descriptions from our favourite authors, and then decided what we needed to do to write successful descriptions too. Our success criteria included: Good character descriptions might have-
1. plenty of specific adjectives (describe nouns- e.g. spiky)
2. similes
3. metaphors
4. alliteration
5. specific adverbs (describe verbs- e.g. cautiously)
6. a description of what they look like
7. a description of their p

Here are two fabulous character descriptions of the wicked stepmother in Fiona French's "Snow White in New York". See how many of the success criteria they used to make their writing interesting.

Snow White's step mother is as deadly as a vampire. She's got a prickly, straight thin nose. Her face is half shadowy and she has blood red lipstick. She has the deadliest look, and she has a prickly outfit too.
By Harrison L

The wicked queen has red blood lipstick that looks like the middle of a werewolves mouth. Her eyes look like poison ivy and her earrings look like dead men hanging on a rope from a hollow tree. She has spiked clothing that would hurt a lot, and she loves to smoke with a burnt cigarette. By Baileigh Nicholas


Room 16 UHPS said...

Great character descriptions guys. I like your similes and adjectives. From Tristan

Room 16 UHPS said...

Your writing is amazing. I liked the describing words. From Raha.

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