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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holiday Recounts

We all had a fantastic holiday! Everyone in Room 16 wrote a recount about our favourite holiday memory. Here is one of our recounts about a trip to the beach.

On the fun holidays me, mum, dad and my sister went to a very strange beach. It was surrounded by tweeting birds and spiky grass.
When my warm hand touched the freezing water I felt cold crawling through my body. Just then my dad called, "Come On!" I looked up. There was a beautiful penguin. It's eyes shone and it was a very brave penguin because I patted it. It felt wet and cold like a ice cube. Suddenly I heard a splashing noise- it was a school of fish.
Then I went to explore an old tree. Under the tree there was a bundle of seaweed, and under the seaweed was an enormous mussel shell. I was scared at first but then I realised it was just a shell.

What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with us.


Room 16 UHPS said...

Tracey you must have had a good time. I never thought you would be scared of a mussel shell.
From Ryan

Room 10 UHPS said...

Cool descriptions Tracey,we like the adjectives you used. It helped us build pictures of your adventure in our heads!

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