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This blog is being made by Room 16 at UHPS. This blog has been established so that all the children from Upper Harbour Primary School can share their learning with the wider school community and other schools in the world. Please comment and let us know what you think about all of our fabulous learning. We love lots of great feedback. We hope you enjoy exploring our blog.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rosedale Village Visit

Room 16's inquiry unit this term has been all about "Diversity". One of our inquiry groups decided that their social action response for the unit could be visiting the residents of Rosedale Village. The children baked morning tea for the residents and took their goodies and cards to the seniors. They were very well received by the residents and staff of Rosedale Village. Well done children, you made the seniors day!


jcraig said...

Room 16

Thank you for representing Upper Harbour Primary School so well. You busily worked on your inquiry right up to the last day of term, what great perseverance and commitment you have demonstrated. I'm sure the residents at Rosedale enjoyed your baking and your smiles!

Ms Craig

Georgia (rm 19) said...

That is really cool rm 16. You must have made them really happy! :)

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