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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to Term 3!

We have planned another exciting term for your children as shown below:
TERM 3 INQUIRY THEME: “INTERDEPENDENCE- How can we ensure that our animals and their habitats will be here for our future generations?”
This term our major inquiry focus school wide is investigating the concept of Interdependence. We will begin with a Science focus, learning about different groups of animals within their habitats.
We will classify animals according to their types and also according to their locations and habitats around the world. Our inquiry will also take us on a Tipa trip to Kelly Tarltons underwater world where we will investigate the animals found in the ocean! Details of this will follow. Our Tipa Team GPK day pet morning has also been planned for Week 5 of the term. Again, we will give you more information about this closer to the time.
We plan to complete our Inquiry unit with a social studies focus, where we will look at our relationship to animals and our responsibility to look after animals and their habitats.
Check out these links to find out about animals and their habitats:


jcraig said...

Room 16, I have been sneaking into your community and seeing all the wonderful learning you are doing. I really enjoyed the videos that Mrs Millett shared with me around your reciprocal reading...what excellent leadership you are practising. Reciprocal reading is another way for us to practice the value of Looking After Others! Well done to you!

Ms Craig

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